Cellier du château de la Chaume, Grand vin de Bourgogne

The Cellier du Château de la Chaume is a very old Maison located in the town of Corgoloin, Côte de Nuits, from which come the very great red wines of Burgundy.



The castle belonged to the family MAREY-MONGE, a very influential family in Beaune. The MONGE name was known thanks to Gaspard MONGE (1746- 1818). He was a famous mathematician, who created the descriptive geometry.

Indeed, Corgoloin is famous for his quarries were come from the marble of Comblanchien. This rock was used in the entire world for building monuments, squares, roads. This is a high quality marble.

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La maison

The Château de la Chaume is located in Corgoloin in Côtes de Nuits. He is surrounded by a park of 10 Ha full of beautiful trees.

Our wines are vinifyied in the cellar of the Château de la Chaume. Cellier du Château de la Chaume was created in 1993. We pay attention to the winegrowers that we choose for our wines.

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We train our vines in respect of viticultural tradition and his methods, in order to obtain quality and maturity of the grape.

We ask to our partnership wine-growers to favor the work soil and to limit synthetics molecules using, in order to favour environmental balance.

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